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River pearl mussel in Varde Å

NIVA Denmark has carried out a study in which eDNA from the rare river pearl mussel has been found in two tributaries to Varde Å – namely in the outlet from Ansager Å and at four locations in Holme Å. The study has been financed by the Aage V. Jensen Foundation, Varde municipality and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.


NIVA Denmark is looking for a Researcher/Senior Researcher

NIVA Denmark is looking for a researcher / senior researcher with experiences in studies and analyses of the effects of human pressures in marine ecosystems (pending qualifications and experiences) and/or experiences with aquatic remote sensing and ocean color who will actively work with and contribute to 1) ongoing research projects see http://www.GES4SEAS.euhttp://www.OBAMA-NEXT.eu, 2) other activities (such as AquaSYNC, ETC BE 2023-2026, assignments for national environmental agencies) and 3) your own RDI opportunities.

Go to Career for the full article and for further information on how to apply for the position.

Plastic recycling plant as a point source of microplastics to sediment and macroinvertebrates in a remote stream

Microplastic is now ubiquitous in freshwater, sediment and biota, globally. This is as a consequence of inputs from, for example, waste mismanagement, effluents from wastewater treatment plants and surface runoff from agricultural areas.


Contamination in Europa’s seas

We report identification and mapping of areas in Europe’s seas and coastal areas impacted by contaminants, i.e., areas with concentrations above internationally agreed threshold values.


Digital droplet Polymerase Chain Reaction (ddPCR)

By: Steen W. Knudsen

For many years now, NIVA has analyzed water samples for the presence of environmental DNA (abbreviated: ‘eDNA’), both in fresh and marine ecosystems. Among other things, NIVA Denmark has completed the MONIS project (‘Monitoring of non-indigenous species in marine waters’ 2014-2023) on behalf of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

In continuation of the MONIS project, in May 2022 NIVA Denmark acquired a so-called ‘digital droplet Polymerase Chain Reaction’ machine (ddPCR machine) and had it installed in the laboratory at the University of Copenhagen at the Natural History Museum of Denmark which NIVA Denmark uses to make analyzes of eDNA.