NIVA Denmark

NIVA Denmark is the name, water is our game

NIVA Denmark Water Research is a regional office under the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), which has a more than 60 year long history in applied aquatic sciences and science-based consultancy.

Research, commitment and independence are in our DNA at NIVA Denmark. Our focus is applied research in aquatic ecosystems and evidence-based consultancy. Key research areas include biodiversity, eutrophication, hazardous substances including marine litter and microplastics, and ecosystem health as well as the implications of multiple human activities in marine waters and in streams, rivers and lakes.

Around two thirds of our activities are applied research and innovation and one third is projects for government agencies, international organisations and industry.

River pearl mussel in Varde Å

NIVA Denmark has carried out a study in which eDNA from the rare river pearl mussel has been found in two tributaries…

Contamination in Europa’s seas

We report identification and mapping of areas in Europe’s seas and coastal areas impacted by contaminants, i.e., areas with concentrations above internationally…