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AquaSYNC, which is short for ‘Aquatic Synthesis Research Centre’, is a partnership focusing on synthesis research in lakes, streams, rivers, coastal waters and open marine areas.

The partnership consists of NIVA Denmark (host), the Department of Ecoscience at Aarhus University (ECOS-AU) and the Swedish Marine Environment Institute at Gothenburg University (HMI-GU).

The most important activities in AquaSYNC are 1) establishment of so-called ‘Synthesis Working Groups’ (SWGs), 2) preparation of ‘Integrated Assessments’ (IAs) and 3) development of ‘Multi-metric Indicator-Based Assessment Tool (MIBATs).

Further information about AquaSYNC can be found here:

In June we celebrated the opening of the Aquatic Synthesis Centre – abbreviated AquaSYNC – with a successful kick-off seminar.

Thanks to all the speakers at the kick-off seminar for interesting talks and to all participants for nice discussions and a good Friday afternoon

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