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R&D partnerships

NIVA Denmark Water Research works closely together with many institutions and organisations in solving a wide range of water challenges. Some of our key R&D partners are listed below:

  • Akvaplan-niva in Tromsø, Norway. Akvaplan-niva provides expert knowledge and advice on the environment and on aquaculture. The service portfolio includes environmental monitoring surveys, impact and risk assessments, emergency preparedness, decision support services, Arctic environmental research, aquaculture design and management, and R&D on new aquaculture species
  • Marine Research Centre (MRC) at SYKE, Finland. MRC aims at producing information and new solutions that help decision-makers to promote the protection and sustainable use of the open and coastal Baltic Sea. It also integrates a wide spectrum of marine research, catchment research, climate change research and socioeconomic research. Multidisciplinary research makes use of observations, experimental research, numerical models, prognoses and socioeconomic studies
  • Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), our mother company in Oslo, Norway. NIVA is an environmental research organisation committed to research, monitoring, assessment and studies on freshwater, coastal and marine environments in addition to environmental technology. NIVA’s key areas of work include environmental contaminants, biodiversity and climate related issues. NIVA employees have professional backgrounds in a broad spectrum of disciplines including chemistry, biology, limnology, geology, hydrology, environmental technology, ecotoxicology, oceanography, geography, resource management and environmental economics
  • University of Leeds – water(at)leeds is the largest interdisciplinary centre for water research in the UK, encompassing expertise from across the physical, biological, chemical, social and economic sciences and engineering as well as the arts. The water@leeds team comprises some 150 professionals from across the different departments and faculties of the University of Leeds, ensuring a cross-section of expertise and different disciplinary backgrounds. water@leeds also has good links with industry and a track record of collaborative research and development, knowledge transfer and joint innovation. The central tenet of water@leeds is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and hence solving major water issues.