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EUTRO2023 has been postponed.

The Fifth International Symposium on Research and Management of Eutrophication in Coastal Ecosystems (EUTRO2023) should have taken place in June 2023 in Nyborg, Denmark.

The cause for postponing EUTRO2023 is competition with other conferences and symposia and a risk of having too few researchers, competent authorities and regional seas conventions attending EUTRO2023.

We hope to organize a symposium in 2024 or 2025 – more information will be uploaded at a later stage …

More information about the earlier symposia can be found below:

  • EUTRO1993: Marked the ending of the Danish Marine Research Programme 1990 (Hav90) and took place at LO-Skolen in Elsinore, Denmark. Symposium were published in the scientific journal OPHELIA vol. 41 and 42 in 1995.
  • EUTRO2006: Followed up on EUTRO1993 and presented new research and nutrient management strategies. EUTRO2006 took place in Nyborg, Denmark and Symposium Proceedings were published in Hydrobiologia.
  • EUTRO2010: Followed up on EUTRO2006, also in Nyborg, Denmark, and presented new research and nutrient management strategies with a special focus on the EU Water Framework Directive and the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. The Summary Paper by Fulweiler, Rabalais & Heiskanen (2012): ‘The Eutrophication Commandments’ can be found here.
  • EUTRO2018: Marked the 25-year anniversary and took place in Nyborg, Denmark. The themes with regard to research and management were to a large extent the same as earlier, but a specific focus was put on climate change. Symposium Proceedings were published as a Research Topic in Frontiers in Marine Science.

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